Exercise 1: Different kinds of breathing

Part 1:
1. Begin in a comfortable seated position.

2. Become very aware of the position your body is in. Feel each part of your body that is pressing against a surface. If your feet are on the floor, feel what it is like to feel each cell in your foot on that surface. If your back is reclined, feel what that is like. Feel your buttocks as they press against the surface on which they are resting. Become very aware of your body and the surfaces it touches.

3. Focus on your breathing, and begin by breathing comfortably. Just notice the breathing in and the breathing out. As thoughts come into your mind, imagine that they are clouds and let them float away, knowing that they can be addressed and taken care of later.

4. Focus totally on breathing, the feeling and the sound of your breath. Feel first and then listen. What is the sensation when air rushes into you, and when it rushes out? Is there tingling, or filling, or pain, or joy? There may be emotions, but it is the sensations of breathing that are important in this exercise. What does your body feel?

5. You