Exercise 15: Know the Support of Hands and Feet

This exercise is coming to know the support of the hands and feet, and the play that they have for form, mind and spirit.

Begin lying on your stomach with your forehead touching the floor. Your hands are at about shoulder level. Your toes tucked or curled under. Relax and breathe for a moment and begin to spin your energy to help prepare for this exercise. When you are ready slowly move the forehead, nose and chin along the floor, lifting the face toward the ceiling.

Then coming back down, first the chin touches the floor, then nose and forehead. This completes one exercise. Do this 3 times, or 7, or 11 etc.

To add the element of breath to this movement, when you inhale begin to lift the face upward. Exhale as you come back to lie on the floor.

Do this movement the way your hands and feet teach you to do it. Your focus and your mind is not on what your head is doing. Your focus is on your hands and your feet. You are empowering them with the energy and the strength to allow them to demonstrate for you the important role they play in your manifestation.

Remember to do what feels good to you. Do not try to match some picture of what you think this should look like. Allow your body to do what it wishes.

To add an additional element to this, once you are in the posture, allow your hands to walk in towards your feet. Do not lock your knees. Allow the form to relax. If you are not to the point where your feet can be flat, do not force them to be flat. If you prefer to kneel that is fine too. Do at least 3 times. Add the breath to the movement so you inhale as you are coming up, and exhale as you are coming down.