These two preliminary exercises acquaint you with Sanctuary and Tuning which are both used in the 24LE

Creating Sanctuary
Sanctuary is a way for mind to relax. In relaxing the mind you may feel as if the body relaxes, the world relaxes, and all the energies of self relax.

To begin, remove any constrictive clothing you might have around your throat or around your waist. If you have tight shoes on or constricting footwear, loosen or remove them. It is the desire that the body be relaxed and comfortable and not have circulation cut off to one part or another. In the course of the journey it may be that you may want to shift positions, and that is fine. It is not about holding rigid, but rather it is a beginning point for relaxing the form.

So beginning always with breathing. And taking some deep breaths and allowing your breath to relax you as you begin. And lower your eyes so that they are comfortably closed. And lying or sitting, even standing if you wish