Exercise 13: Sounding the Scale

In Exercise 13 we will be using sound. It may have been assumed by you that sound is something that originates inside of you, however, this is not the case. That is merely what your ears are perceiving, and is quite limited when we think of sound. In Exercise 13 we will be practicing making your sound starting from various points on the scale, allowing the ears to hear what they hear, and allowing the mind to observe what the body is feeling. The vibration in the body, incorporating the sound that the ears hear with the energy fields surrounding the body, will produce a feeling in the body. Each note on the scale has a different representation in the form. In Exercise 13 the challenge is to play with that experience.

1. You may use an instrument to play notes of the scale, or you may use notes of your own. You may find some sounds affect you when they are louder, softer, higher, lower, etc.

2. Go through the scale one time making your sound with the notes, and notice what you notice.