Exercise 24: Becoming the Vortex

And, as you are resting comfortably, your body is warm and at peace. The cares and concerns of your days are set aside for this time. The cares and concerns tend to separate you from that which you seek to rejoin. And as you are resting and noticing the green mist beginning to radiate from its central point in this place. And as it spirals outward in ever-increasing amounts. It reaches you and envelopes your form, embracing you, and comforting you. And as you begin to breathe deeply, you find the green mist filling you. Each cell of your body is touched and embraced by the green mist. And as you are resting, enjoying the comfort and peace of the green mist, your mind is focused only on the breathing and noticing how comfortable and peaceful you are.

Once again you will visit the vortex. This time you know it with all your senses. This time as you reach the vortex you know what it looks like. You know what it sounds like. You know what it feels like. You know what it smells and tastes like. This time you will become the vortex.

As you watch it spin, seemingly separate from you, knowing that soon you will rejoin that which you are of. You notice its beauty and peace. Any resistance that steps forward, assign the resistance an exercise to do until you return. If fear is present assign it exercise #7. If curiosity is present, assign it exercise #13. If confusion is present, assign it exercise #19. When all things that present themselves to you have been given an assignment, you are ready for your coming home.

And as you move into the vortex knowing that nothing is lost, there is only becoming. Be for this time that which you are.