Exercise 20: The Green Mist

The last four exercises are opportunities for bringing all that you have learned before to the present moment. Theese exercises will involve travel and imagination.

Review in your mind some of the exercises we have done and if a particular one comes to your mind, then do it. Perhaps part of another one will come to you. And do that one. And when you are ready, find a comfortable place in which to lie or sit for a guided visualization.

Now, it is important that you remain in an awake state. So if you feel yourself drifting away, as your mind will often attempt to do, then use your index finger and your thumb pressing against each other to allow your consciousness to return to its form. It is not necessary for your brain or your mind to be in an awake state, as that is not what we seek here. In these exercises we will be entering other possibilities. But for your conscious mind to leave would be not of benefit.

So, we begin by relaxing the body and the mind. And the first step in that is to breathe. Allow your mind to focus on your breathing. And as other thoughts may tend to come into your presence, allow them to become like beautiful clouds, knowing that you can see them, you can deal with them at some point, but for now they are clouds floating by.

As you begin to relax, remove any tight clothing from the neck or waist. And if you have tightness on your feet, these also may be loosened. If you feel your form may be cold or chilly then accommodate that by either in your mind allowing the warmth that you naturally generate to fill your form, or you may secure some sort of covering.

Now, imagine a green mist. Observe it in the center of the room. And because you can see beyond using your eyes, you watch its glow and its swirl as it moves round and round. And as you are watching you are allowing your mind to focus on your breathing. As you take deeper and deeper breathes, your mind begins to wonder what it would be like to breathe the green mist. What must that be? You know the comforting feeling as it touches your form; your body has experienced this. Allow your form to begin to feel the green mist and be immersed in it. And as your form is immersed in the green mist, its touching, and tingling, and soothing, and relaxing you.

And as you imagine it covering your entire form, from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet, you begin to breathe in the green mist. And what has been on the outside of you now moves to the inside of you. And as you imagine the green mist flowing through your nostrils and down into your lungs, and from there moving through your blood stream. You are truly in the green mist. As the blood carries the green mist, more and more of it enters until inside and outside, you are filled with the green mist, and the peace and relaxation that it offers. Coming from the energy of all, to be with you, you are feeling the blessings and the great love that it brings.

And as you are lying comfortably in the green mist, your mind travels to your Sanctuary. This is the place, this is the green mist of the mind. This is where the mind encounters the green mist, the peace, and love, and joy of all. And as you spend some time in the Sanctuary with your mind, allow your mind to travel around. See, and hear, and feel, and sense what is present, and who is present. Allow your mind to seek out and find a special vortex in your Sanctuary. And when you locate it, you may have friends with you who are watching it with you. But as you watch it spin and pulsate and glow in the distance, allow all the feelings to be present in your mind that the vortex evokes.

If you are experiencing resistance to moving closer to the vortex, allow those present, and the Sanctuary itself to work with you. When all resistance is satisfied, allow yourself to move closer and closer to the vortex. If resistance is encountered, allow it to be present and deal with it. For there is a knowing that somehow the longing that all feel, is for what is in the vortex. Notice the beautiful colors, all colors represented there, all sound represented there. The movement and the dance of the spin. And when you are ready, move into one of the outer arms and allow yourself to gently float in the spin of the vortex.

You have great cooperation if you are not liking the speed of the spin. You have but to say so. Stay in this spinning place for a while until you are completely a part of it, so relaxed and so comfortable is it. Allow yourself to be until you are part of the spin. And the spin is you.