Exercise 12: Incorporating Energies

With Exercise 12 you begin to incorporate energies, the energy of direction. You spin to get the body moving, then add the breath which connects the body-mind-spirit, then the making of sound is stabilizing the form. The vibration connects mind-body-spirit with all that is.

1. Begin by standing in the direction that feels most comfortable.

2. Allow the body to begin to spin, and count the number of times that you spin around. Whatever that number is will be used in the rest of the process.

3. Once the spin has stopped, relax completely, allow the arms to hang loosely at the sides. The neck and shoulders relaxed.

4. Then apply the inhale-hold-exhale-hold breath for the same number of times that you spinned at the same time rolling the body forward and then back up.

For example, on the exhale allow your head to come forward, and on the inhale to come back. Continuing breathing, allow your entire form to come forward. Not forced, not with the goal of touching the floor, but as if you are curling in upon yourself. Just gently rolling forward. Maybe you only go as far as the head to the chest. Maybe the head goes all the way down to the floor. Let your body say where to sop. Then slowly begin to uncurl, unfold, come back and back. And when you reach the upright position, continue back, opening and releasing. Continue back as far as is comfortable.

5. After curling forward and back, remain in an upright position and make your sound the same number of times that you originally spinned.