Exercise 14: Origin of Vibration

The use of sound and vibration is like a special kind of touch. It represents all the senses put together. This exercise covers the visual side of sound.

Note: With this closed-eye process, have soothing music playing in the background.

Closed-Eye Process:
Find a spot where you can hear the music that is playing and lie down on your back. Even when you think you are most relaxed, still your form is filled with vibration. It is the vibration of all time. It is the vibration of life itself. And it is that vibration that we will be experiencing on this occasion.

Allowing yourself to relax, and breathe comfortably and deeply, recognizing that all feeling and all thought have an origin. It is as if the universe itself were spinning into a tiny, single spot. And you have an awareness of just where that is. And as you allow your body and your mind, the sum total of you, to experience that spinning of the universe into a single spot, you find yourself being drawn into the spin. And as you are drawn into the spin, you are aware of the vibration. First, perhaps, as sound, but then as feeling. It is as if every cell of your body is being awakened. Every part of you, every corner of your mind, are being awakened by this new vibration.

Ever so gently, you find yourself in the spin of all things