Exercise 4: Taking the spin within

1. Take 10 counting breaths (Exercise 1, part 2) where you inhale-hold-exhale-hold.

2. Once you complete 10 breaths, stand and do ten turns of your entire body. You can do more if you want to. Go as slowly as you need to.

3. When you have completed this lay on your back on the floor.

4. Allow the feeling of movement you have to connect with your breath. And as you breathe in, take this feeling inside.

5. And with your mind guiding the trip, begin to imagine the spin flowing through you. Your breath becomes like the rhythm of a boat traveling on waves. You can spin your hands, feet or eyes to help you maintain the feeling of the spining motion.

And as you move inside on your breath, allow your breath to travel the same passageways it traveled in Exercise 3. Imagine this new movement, this spin, going around each part of your body, touching each cell. When you begin to experience their spin, you begin to experience their vibration. Allow yourself to breathe, softly and gently, and propel this magic boat, with this new spin, throughout your body. Travel on your breath to visit your body on a cellular level.