Exercise 3: Spinning

Your physical form, your sounds, and your breath all involve vibration. The entire universe involves movement and vibration. Your atoms, and particles smaller than atoms, are identified by movement. Movement is closely related to vibration, and through movement you can experience even more of your own vibration. This exercise involves the particular movement called spinning, or turning round. There have been many examples in our history of people who have done this, and children do this quite naturally. Even adults do it naturally when they dance. When you connect your movement with the larger concept of vibration, you are expanding yourself into more of who you are.

1. Stand comfortably with your arms hanging gently by your sides.

2. Exhale and let the torso relax completely.

3. Begin to spiral around in a gentle, natural flow. Your body knows how to do it. It is not about speed, but about flow.

4. Allow your eyes to be gently lowered.

5. Observe how your body feels. What state of being do you enter?

Suggestions for practice: